Jamie Glazov Moment – Why I Love Muslims, Part II

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In this second part of The Glazov Gang‘s new feature, The Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses “Why I Love Muslims, Part II,” building on the first part in which he emphasized why it is so important for freedom-loving people to stress that the threat facing western civilization is Islam the ideology, rather than a group of people.

In this segment, he explains the urgency of fighting the Left’s slanderous smears against real lovers of people and freedom.

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And make sure to watch the special edition of The Glazov Gang that was joined by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center who writes the blog The Point at Frontpagemag.com.

He came on the show to discuss Deport the Abdulazeez Family, explaining why it’s high time to put our people first.

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7 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment – Why I Love Muslims, Part II”

  1. #1) That’s the difference between Christianity and Conservatism. Christ requires Christians to conquer by love, not hate or even military might.
    #2) The religious aspects of Islam came from the Ebionites, an early Christian heresy. That fact provides an “in” on introducing Muslims to their Christian roots, and hopefully to Christ.
    #3) Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Usually being born into the culture, they had no choice. Then they are indoctrinated with a belief they dare not question or leave on pain of death, yet any thinking person quickly sees blatant contradictions. Islam is internally inconsistent, that’s why they had too have the doctrine of abrogation. Their lives are lived under tyranny, down to which hand to use in the bathroom, and just recently there was a fatwah finally allowing the use of toilet paper. Every fellow muslim could be of help, but is also empowered to be judge and executioner if there is a disagreement as to how one lives life. That’s tyranny by the mullahs and tyranny by the next door neighbor.

  2. Love Muslims as much as you want..
    the problems if you start to trust Muslims…this is the result :9-11, Madrid, London, Texas, Houston, etc.. was happened because many of Americans get deceived and do not make any difference between love and trust..
    Christianity teach me to love all persons in this globe..
    Muslims plan are to married Americans and Europeans women and convert them and the new generation to Islam religion..
    This is the beginning of the problems..

  3. I appreciate Jaime’s take on the difference between loving the innocent person versus not loving the extreme adherents to the faith. I lived in the Middle East for many years and there were some Muslims that I really knew well and liked immensely, although I grew to detest the religion. We have to separate the two sentiments or we are doomed in our message and lose our credibility.

    1. We don’t need to be credible to anyone except ourselves, certainly not muslims. As has been stated muslims are islam and without muslims there would be no islam. You need to remove both the ideology and the people. Deport all muslims and the problem goes away. I cannot believe people are still talking to muslims other than telling them to shut the f up. Enough victimhood! They do not deserve our love, compassion for their monstrous souls perhaps but love, I don’t think so. The religion which needs to TELL people it is peaceful isn’t peaceful. Never heard a Jain, Sikh, Buddist or Hindu call their religion a religion of peace. It is patently a death ideology so can we stop saying we don’t hate muslims when they are killing us. Chopping heads off. Raping people. If there were good muslims they would have got together and discussed this issue but they cannot because they will get their heads cut off if they even think it never mind do it. So Jamie is a lovely person with a heart of gold. But take a look at the spread of this disease across the world and I can imagine people were saying ‘not all muslims are bad, love , love love’. These people are dead and their cultures crushed by the loving muzzie. F them and all they stand for. I could be wrong?!

  4. love the sinner, hate the sin. nice principle. in the real world, however, the ideology of islam is harmless. it is muslims that hate, rape, murder, lie, and pray to an evil god invented by an archcriminal. get rid of muslims, and islam is harmless. allah cant kill anyone. the killers are muslims. has anyone been harmed recently by zeus? no. the reason is that there isn’t anyone that is willing to kill for zeus. when islam becomes an obsolete belief system that no one is willing to kill for, then it too will be harmless. meanwhile, the nastiest, most hate filled, vile traitors that ever contaminated the earth continue to invite religion motivated killers (aka peaceful muslims) to invade our western countries and genocide the resident populations. it is time to do something about the traitors.

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