Glazov Gang: The “Israeli Apartheid” Accusation

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Diane Bederman, the author of the new book, The Serpent and the Red Thread: The Definitive Biography of Evil.

Diane discusses The “Israeli Apartheid” Accusation, and she asks: Who are the real perpetrators of apartheid?

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: The “Israeli Apartheid” Accusation”

  1. I have just watched a Rebel Media news transmission from Israel and specifically about the third elections in one year. Some in the Blue and White party are accusing the current government of Corruption. Is this a bit like the left calling everyone a Nazi regardless of whether or not the person receiving this insult is Jewish or even black. What exactly is this ‘corruption’ that these so called centrists are accusing the ruling party of committing? Please elaborate or dispel this talking point.

  2. The cause of Islam was the Matthews”gospel”.
    Between Sura 30, Vers 32 and Sura 9, Vers 80 there was a time when Mohammed started to Change his believe.
    As he failed to Change the believer of his companion he was murdered with Poison.
    Since that time Islam is going on being a Matthews “Gospel” generated ideology.
    Originally the Matthews “Gospel” was made to allow to incorporate Christianity in the System of the Roman Empire.
    Therefore it is full of lies …..
    Marx did not critize the “Gospel” but founded a cracy ideology.
    Since the “Matthews Gospel” God and his son have been betrayed a lot of times.

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